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Series 5 Electronic Combine Scale

For The Most Accurate Record Keeping
    Producers are being called upon to keep the most accurate records they have ever recorded.  The new Government Programs and Federal Crop Insurance make it necessary for farmers to provide field histories and an accurate picture of field by field totals as well as the total harvest. 

    The Acu-Grain Series 5 Combine Yield Monitor provides the most accurate combine grain measuring system available...measuring within 1% of accuracy.  Acu-Grain's accuracy has been documented by the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute Report #362. 

    The variable flow sensor at the end of the auger outlet measures the physical flow level of grain through the auger, not the auger's RPMs.  This system allows for the most accurate measurement systems available to producers. 

  Analyze Year-End Programs And New Cropping Techniques
    With the expanded capability of three memory banks, the Series 5 allows producers to monitor their seed stock of fertilizer programs with detailed accuracy.  Now you can analyze how your cropping procedures are doing, field by field or even in small test plots. 
    If you're trying new cropping techniques, the monitor brings a new era of accurate measurement of yield for the best analysis of you entire farm. 
Prove Up Yields And Analyze Your Production
    Now measure yields with detailed accuracy and plot information for record keeping.
Convenience of immediate information without going to the scales.
Custom cutters can use immediate information for yield and payments basis.
Yield on every field or test plot.
Evaluate performance of machinery and operator.
Use bushel measurement for inventory control.
Evaluate profitability of various fields or lease ground.
    The Acu-Grain Series 5 Combine Yield Monitor provides the combine operator with the number of bushels being unloaded from the combine.  In addition, the Series 5 Combine Yield Monitor provides the operator with the number of acres actually harvested.  These two pieces of information are then used to display the bushels per acre yield.  Memory banks automatically store tabulated information for field and total farm figures allowing the operator to stay on top of all cropping conditions. 
What better way to get the most accurate year end review?
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