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Precision Multipurpose Scale

Cost of individual scales if purchased Separately
1.)     Rate App. Scale
2.)   Dry Fert. Den. Scale $30.00
3.)  Grain Test Wgt. Scale $30.00
4.)   Cracked Grain Test Scale $49.00
Replace All 4 With 1 Scale
Application rate scale Seed population per acre Fertilizer density / lb. cu. ft. Test weight / lb. per bushel
Moisture scale Accuracy .0015 Large cap. cup Space age plastic
                             Fast, easy, accurate                      Verify seed benefits population
                Be field ready before leaving the yard             Set application rates for planters and drills
Set application rates for fertilizer and herbicide applicators                     Use for all seeds including grass
                          Confirm fertilizer blends                      Compare variety performance
                Check moisture on grain, soil and hay           Verify accuracy of electronic moisture testers
    The Precision Multipurpose Scale will prove to be one of your most valuable farming tools.  Farmers need a quick and easy means of getting the most out of their time and investment.  The answer is the Multipurpose Precision Scale. 
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